Chicago Adventure

I’ve spent 15 days in my new Chicago home so far, and while I try to maintain a positive attitude, I have to admit that they have not been very kind to me.

I moved in during one of the worst winter storms to hit the Midwest in decades. DECADES!

photo 2 (6)

I hauled boxes from my Jeep, up two flights of slippery winter stairs with a smile on my face because I was finally in Chicago! And then Monday came and the temperatures got ridiculous:

photo 4















And then I got a flat tire:

photo 5 (2)












And then I got a flat spare tire:

photo 1 (6)








And then I had to save up some money and take my Jeep in for NEW tires:

photo 2 (9)








And then my beloved Golden Retriever passed away (I do not mean to throw this in here like just another thing, but I can’t elaborate right now because I’m still too sad):

photo 4 (2)








And then I got a parking ticket for parking like a jerk:

photo 2 (8)








Hopefully the next 15 days here will not be quite so rough!

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