Friends for Life

My boyfriend told me that someone once told him you only have five true friends who will always be there for you over the course of your life. One solid handful. I feel blessed to already have one of mine at the ripe little age of twenty-three and even more fortunate to have met her when I was only twelve. I have other friends who I believe may take up other  metaphorical “fingers” at some point, but so far, only one.

I met Michelle in seventh grade, but to be honest we didn’t really hit it off until eighth grade and I attribute this greatly to the fact that we shared a locker, a boyfriend, and 7 of our 8 classes together. What I didn’t know at the time was how lucky I had gotten to have her as my middle school partner in crime. When my father’s military career and a move clear across the country separated us after our freshman year of high school we remained close and I know I will be able to count on her for the rest of my life. Today she lives out in Washington state finishing her elementary education degree, a dream she has had ever since I can remember. I am so proud of where she is and the person she has become and I truly admire and look up to her every single day of my life. She is outstandingly strong, funny, intelligent and independent.

From our tiny shared locker in the hallway of Central Middle School to sunbathing in her front lawn, “camping” in my parents’ pop-up trailer, instant messaged heart-to-hearts when I believed in nobody else during my time in New Jersey, mini road trips to Beluga Point, the most ridiculous New Years Eve of my life to first tattoos together, bowling dates with friends (one of whom turned out to be the love of her life) and now pick-me-up greeting cards sent the old fashioned way, we have truly created a lasting friendship that ONLY the bonds of sisterhood can rival.

This tiny dedication in my blog can never suffice to show my gratitude, but Michelle E. W. – this one’s for you. Love you long time and you bet your behind there’s a spot on the furry rug for you!

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