Democracy for America

This past weekend I traveled up to Burlington, VT to attend a training session for Democracy for America. They are a grassroots organization that Governor Howard Dean formed after his run for president in 2004. The goal of their training sessions are to educate Democratic activists on how to run a successful political campaign by giving trainees all the tools necessary to do so. I learned this weekend about how to manage resources, organize volunteers, spread the word by using social media, plan events, budget the campaign’s finances, and much more! I had a blast connecting with other politically-minded young people in Vermont, chatted with some people running for local offices, and established relationships with incredibly resourceful people who I hope will be a help to me as I become more hands-on with my current (and potential future) campaign teams.

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One Response to Democracy for America

  1. Andrea says:

    Glad you are being an informed and involved voter… the Democrat part, I am not so sure about! ;D

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