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My Grand Tour

Alright folks! I am off to Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, and the Vatican City for the next 11 days! I can’t wait to come back and share my experience with you! And you better believe that I will have more … Continue reading

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Our Trip North: #4

Our final trip destination? Giant’s Causeway! Legend tells of Finn Mac Cool, an Irish giant who built the causeway to Scotland to fight his Scottish rival, Benandonner. Unfortunately Finn fell asleep before he reached Scotland. When he didn’t show up … Continue reading

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Our Trip North: #3

Just a quick snapshot to start our second morning of weekend vacation. I honestly can’t remember if I was taking a picture of anything important or not… but I’m fairly certain I just thought the view was pretty! Either way … Continue reading

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Our Trip North: #2

The next stop on our trip up to Northern Ireland was actually IN Northern Ireland. We stopped in Belfast to take a tour given by the Black Taxi Tour Group. We split into two taxis but stopped periodically to get … Continue reading

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Our Trip North: #1

First stop? Newgrange! This is the site of a 5,000 year old tomb built in the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age). Before we went inside we got a bit of a history lesson and learned that Newgrange is in fact … Continue reading

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Dress code: Formasual

Last week while we were getting ready to go to the Ambassador’s house, John came down to ask mine and Megan’s opinion about which tie he should wear (since we bought three of them and he borrowed one from Justin). … Continue reading

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Another trip!

Countdown to Northern Ireland: 1 critical thinking exam1 fairly easy-going Friday night2 big papers that I should at least put a big dent inMultiple cups of coffee to get me through packing, and21 hours until we load up the bus … Continue reading

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