Top 10 Reasons I am Excited for Winter:

… besides the snow, of course!

1. Ice Skating – I went for the first time in YEARS last winter and it was so much fun! I definitely plan on going pretty often this winter. It’s so cheap at the student rate over at Leddy Park.

2. Hot chocolate – I plan on having a constant supply of it on hand in my apartment all winter. There is nothing better than coming in out of the cold and warming under a big blanket to a cup of hot chocolate.

3. Peppermints – What is winter without a bowl of peppermints somewhere? Hello!

4. Candles – Granted, I have candles on hand year-round, but each season calls for its own special scents. Winter? Vanilla, pine, and cinnamon! mmMMmmm!

5. My miniature Christmas tree – A couple years ago Mom sent me this uber tiny Christmas tree complete with miniature ornaments and battery operated lights. Setting it up was enough to put me in the Christmas spirit, but once it was sitting there on one of my little bookshelves it just lit up the room with positive energy! Nothing like a pick-me-up from home!

6. Christmas in general! – I LOVE giving gifts at Christmas. I love the feeling in the air. I love the way people are actually NICE to each other. There’s just something about the holiday season that makes people glow.

7. My annual visit to Alaska – This is even more of a big deal this year because ever since I’ve come to college I’ve made two trips home per year. A few weeks at Christmas, and then usually about a month in May. However, this year I didn’t travel home AT ALL over the summer, so my trip to Alaska in December will be my first time home in a whole year! I am SO excited!

8. Twinkle lights – I think I threw a bunch of my out for storage reasons when I came to Ireland (no big loss, they cost me a whole dollar a set at Wal-Mart three years ago, haha!) But I can’t wait to go buy some more and maybe even get neat ones to put in my room from Christmas Tree Shops or something.

9. Snow tubing and sledding – I’m going to have to hit up the after hours Country Club sledding and tubing this year. I know we’re not supposed to do it, but I also know that tons of people do it anyway and gosh darnit all, I am going to be a rebel and enjoy the hills God put in Vermont for us to play on!

10. Hockey games – I miss hockey! I’m hoping Dad will hook me up with some Aces tickets when I get back to Anchorage. And then of course I have to support the Champlain guys… especially when they play Castleton 😉 Heck, maybe I’ll even check out some UVM games. I’ll have a great excuse if UAA gets their butts to the east coast this season!

What are YOU excited about this upcoming winter season?

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