Monthly Archives: October 2008

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited for Winter:

… besides the snow, of course! 1. Ice Skating – I went for the first time in YEARS last winter and it was so much fun! I definitely plan on going pretty often this winter. It’s so cheap at the … Continue reading

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Autumn is here, and in full swing!

Can’t you just feel the wind turning your cheeks pink?

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Malahide Adventure

Well I’ve been trying to come up with a way to get myself up off my lazy butt the past few days and go do something cool. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on going to Oktoberfest, Dublin. But yesterday I … Continue reading

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Thank You Rays!

For keeping Red Sox fans silent this coming winter season. WOO HOO!Better luck next year, suckers!

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On My Mind

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days! I’ve been trying to get better about keeping up with this thing a little more regularly to alleviate the stress of having to talk about an entire week or so worth of … Continue reading

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In the news today:

1. New York messes up absentee ballots and put “Barack OSAMA” on them. Really, people? Really? I’m sorry but ‘S’ is nowhere near ‘B’ on the keyboard and I think we’ve heard the name Obama enough at this point not … Continue reading

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Please Christmas Don’t Be Laaaate!

Oh yeah. It’s happening. Megan and I have busted out the Christmas music WELL aware that it is only October 10th. No Halloween or Thanksgiving under our belts. We are worse than the stupid department stores! Don’t judge us – … Continue reading

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